A History of Scarves

A History of Silk Scarves

Scarves have been around since at least Roman times, when laborers were in the habit of having a piece of cloth called a sudarium, to use for wiping sweat and grime from their faces during hard work.

Scarves are used by Northern cultures to keep warm and by Equatorial and Southern cultures as shelter from the elements, a guard against dust and flying debris. 

Scarves were often worn around the neck by soldiers and pilots to reduce chafing and eventually were used to signify rank.  

A good silk scarf has so many useful roles in one's wardrobe.  An added bonus is that they look great and are unmistakable in their luxuriousness.

Today the square silk scarf, or carré, is the ultimate fashion accessory.  They can be used to dress up an outfit or to add some casual flair, the can keep one warm in an over air-conditioned office or cool when spending time outside in blazing sun.

European silk manufacturing grew in England, France and Italy and some of these early mills continue to produce fine silk cloth, garments and scarves to this day.  Merritt and Rich works exclusively with European and UK based silk mills for production of all of our scarves.

Add some classic elegance to your look, you're in good company, Queen Elizabeth, Grace Kelley, Sophia Loren, Princess Kate, and countless others know the secret of a good silk scarf; the ultimate accessory, travel accessory and away-from-home comfort item.