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Cricket and Beetle Gamble - Burgundy, saffron and barley

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Cricket and Beetle Gamble 

1840 - Almack’s, London, England

The social season in London runs from April to August and is full of dances, entertainments, masquerades, refreshments and the endless introduction of eligible debutantes.

It is very common that the gentlemen seclude themselves periodically to the back rooms for a bit of sport gambling and drink, and to get some respite from the social fray.

Having spent months on the open seas, I hadn’t expected much change at Almack’s. But imagine my surprise to find that the two top sport gamblers were, in fact, a cricket and a beetle.

These two have been working all of society’s popular haunts like Almack’s and The Pantheon. They have won the money – and the admiration – of high society. It is now quite “the thing” to lose a game of billiards to these two.

I understand that they are both quite wealthy now and share accommodations at the estate of William Molyneux, 2nd Earl of Sefton.





  • Burgundy, saffron and barley; Indonesian batik pattern background and boarder
  • 35” x 35” silk twill square (90 cm x 90 cm)
  • 100% 14 momme/16 oz silk twill
  • Hand-rolled edges
  • Made in England and hand-finished in France